In 1870, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Hungary/Austria allied and threatened reigning England for power. Edwardian period was full of political turbulence. The parliament wanted to dominate the liberals, liberals trying to overpower the parliament, and fight for unemployment benefits, old-age pensions, death duties, shorten work hours, and financial support for the old and sick were all affecting the political environment.

In a blog post, Holland shared that not only she loves writing historical fiction, she also watches classic movies, and sew and wear vintage clothes. In short, she breathes and lives history daily. She loves the Edwardian era because of its opulence and rich history. She enjoys imagining the characters and their lifestyle that is naturally rich in drama. She felt part of history whenever she researches and writes about the Gettysburg or Waterloo wars, the sinking of Titanic, and the rise of militant suffrage. In the post, she mentioned that she understands the restrictions of writing about history but being a fiction writer, she enjoys the freedom and lets her imagination go wild. She revealed enjoying the television series Downtown Abbey, a historical drama set between the years 1912-1926. The show won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. In 2019, the television series was made into a historical drama film that continues the storyline from the series. The movie grossed $194 million against a budget of $13 to $20 million. The film received a generally positive review.

Holland is the author of the Bledington Park series. The first book on the series, An Ideal Duchess published in 2013 is a story of an American duchess married to the 9th Duke of Malvern and her struggle for her husband to love her. The second book of the series, A Duchess Heart published in 2014 is a continuation of the duchess quest for love. When the Duke of Malvern was rescued after a battle, he is suffering from amnesia, and his estranged wife, the duchess, is there to take care him, risking that she might fall in love with him again. The second book of the duchess saga received better reviews than the first.

Holland was also one of the authors who contributed to the Fall of Poppies: Stories of Love and the Great War which is a collection of stories set after World War I. Another popular book written by Holland was the 2012 novel, Lady Myddelton’s Lover. Aline, the Countess of Myddleton was gifted a lover by her friends who thought she grieved long enough. The saucy storyline revolves around the countess resistance to fall for the guy who is her husband’s heir.

Evangeline Holland also published several pocket guides to the Edwardian era:

Pocket Guide to Edwardian England was published in June 2012 and is a collection of her blog posts at Edwardian Promenade. This pocket guide received good reviews at for having a good summary of the Edwardian era. It covers various aspects of the era, from the food and weather to suffragette movement and politics.

Pocket Guide to Historical Research was published in January 2013 and is a collection of research and studies that Holland collated within five years of researching about it. She wrote it with the intention of other writers to use it as a guide when researching about the Edwardian and Victorian era.

Edwardian England: A Guide to Everyday Life, 1900-1914 was published in January 2014 which was the second, expanded, and revised edition of The Pocket Guide to Edwardian England. The book is a straightforward guide to the era and not intended as an academic guide nor draws a conclusion.

Evangeline Holland has a degree in Public History & American Studies and currently enrolled in a doctoral program in the Midwest. She also owns Plum Bun Media company which is the first history media company. Holland provides historical research for assignments, term papers, and family or local research. She also provides archival services wherein she helps clients to conserve and preserve any important documents such as photographs, corporate documents, or family heirlooms.

Holland is currently based in California.