I write Romantic Historical Fiction (or, upmarket historical romance) set in the 20th century. I love to write strong and intelligent heroines grappling with their personal relationships and the thornier issues of their time, and the intelligent and dashing men who love them. My stories span the globe and place a strong focus on the multicultural society, the class system, and the tough questions and conflicts with which people of the first six decades of the 20th century dealt.

In my fiction, I try my best to push beyond using the historical setting as “fantasy” or “fairy tale”. I don’t want to write historicals to present the past through rose-colored glasses, but about real people, experiencing real life as it was one hundred years ago. Maybe I’ll fail, or maybe I won’t, but if you think realism and history can be melded with wit, humor, adventure, passionate romance, and unforgettable characters, please stick around.

Here you will find out a bit about me and my writing, and keep track of my latest news (most of which has been dealing with this collection company harassing me!)